Nature's Wealth Enzyme

Liquid Enzyme Concentrate

(750 ml bottle)

Maxi-Strength Liquid Concentrate Nutri-Supplement

Nature’s Wealth Enzyme is the most potent, powerful and effective form of naturally fermented enzymes.

Our special formula is composed of the ingredients consisting of 150 different fruits, vegetables and herbs that are fermented for 365 days. The result is a pure form of naturally fermented enzymes.

Enzymes are a necessity for every function of the human body… digestion, healing, vital cell reproduction, support for vital organ functions and many others. Enzymes supplementation is one of the best ways to aid once digestive process. It is also one of the best ways to slow down the aging process.

Drink as a delicious beverage to greatly enhance your digestive system, immune system and the natural healing process of your body.

Taken with water and ice on a hot day is a great way to be revitalized and refreshed! Enjoy this drink throughout the day…..your body will love it. Nature’s Wealth Enzyme is made from over 150 fruits, vegetables and herbs that are carefully formulated and fermented for over 365 days, resulting in a pure, potent and concentrated enzyme supplement.

Nature’s Wealth Enzyme is an essential part of your daily health regimen. Taken regularly, it aids in digestion, healing and cell regeneration and helps the body stay young and vital by boosting the immune system. Taken with pure cold water, this delicious beverage keeps you refreshed and energized throughout the day.



Seasonal Alpine plants, fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, bean sprouts, Ganoderma Lucidum, rare mushrooms, natural seaweed with precious  natural chinese medicinal plants.

Formulated with the latest technology of probiotics in Japan.



Take one cup (30 ml)  morning and evening, 30 minutes before or after meals.  Product can be diluted in 150 ml cold or lukewarm water.

Children: Once a day

Adult:  Twice a day

Storage:  Avoid direct sun exposure, store in a cool-dry place,  refrigeration is not necessary.  Can be consumed 2 years after opening.